The 10 most unbearable people on a plane and how to deal with them.

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You don’t always choose who you sit next to on the plane.

As a result, we often find ourselves next to more or less disturbing people.

Between the one who does not stop coughing, the one who has not taken a shower or the one who tilts her seat too much, you have the embarrassment and the choice!

Here is the list of the 10 most unbearable people on a plane. Those next to which you should especially not be seated.

But lack of luck, here you are next to one of them. Here’s how to deal with it and handle the situation best:

How to deal with unbearable airplane people

1. The one who has a common cold

You hear it from afar. She coughs, she sneezes, clears her throat constantly. Planes are nests for bacteria and without being paranoid, it is better to take some precautions not to end up in the same state as this poor passenger.

Solution: Although it is impossible to prevent others from constantly sneezing or coughing, you can wash your hands regularly. Or use a hand sanitizer, to be used regularly during the flight. You thus reduce the risk of contamination, because the airplane is a germ factory!

2. The one who has not taken a shower

What is that unpleasant smell on the plane? You look for what could be the cause of this olfactory inconvenience, but in vain. Someone obviously forgot to take a shower this morning or didn’t put on a deodorant.

Solution: to avoid having to travel with a stuffy nose, or hidden in your scarf, here is the solution. Without spraying that person with deodorant, you can slip car air freshener between the two seats it is in. The smell is thus neutralized and your trip more pleasant.

3. The children who cry

The more attractive the price of the plane ticket, the more families there are. As a result, you are much more likely to run into screaming, loud talking or screaming children. There are of course children who behave well, but they are completely eclipsed by those who make noise. Impossible to sleep, impossible even to have a serene and relaxed trip.

Solution: that’s why we invented headphones. Well placed in the ears, you will be able to relax without jumping every 5 minutes. Even better, the noise canceling headphones. You can here for less than 30 €.

4. The one who doesn’t want to stop talking

Talking a little is good. Talking too much is too much. While some conversations with a stranger can be rewarding, it’s good to know when to stop. Especially when you want to sleep! As we say “the word is silver, silence is gold”. So how do you get the person who knocks you down to understand that you prefer to be silent during your trip?

Solution: again, headphones are your weapon. They will easily make it clear that you prefer to be in your bubble. You can also pretend to be asleep. It also works!

5. The one who leaves her seat in an inclined position

It’s true, if the seats have this option, it’s because we have every right to recline them to have a more comfortable position during a nap.

But this comfort is cut off from the one behind you. And as everyone knows, there is little legroom on planes. Especially when it’s time to eat with the meal tray that takes up space.

Solution: take your courage in both hands and dare to ask this person to raise his seat. If this seems complicated to you, or if you’ve tried it before, ask the flight attendant to do what is necessary at least while you are eating. And if the plane isn’t full, why not ask to change seats?

6. The one who does not apply the rules

On planes, there are always those who think that the rules of good manners are only valid for others.

As a result, they spend their time annoying those around them. They keep their bags on their feet during the flight, their seat remains tilted throughout the meal, they do not respect any safety instructions and the icing on the cake, they cut their tails during boarding.

Solution: Don’t get fooled with these types of people. What works best with them is to stay calm and gently ask them to play by the rules like everyone else. The hard part is not to get upset, because they love it. By remaining unmoved, you have a greater chance of destabilizing them.

Either way, don’t worry, justice will be done! They will probably have to empty their entire bag at security for a 200ml shampoo!

7. The one that monopolizes the space of the luggage compartment

Putting luggage in the hold is becoming more and more expensive, but this is no reason to take up all the space in the cabin baggage compartments.

We all have a small place to store our things. Yet some put away everything and anything: bags, coats, sweaters, computers or books and take up a crazy place, without worrying about others.

Solution: don’t get upset and touch that person’s business. Instead, let an air hostess take care of it. They are magicians to put things in the compartments and reorganize them so that everyone is happy. Trust them, they’ve seen more.

8. The siege thief

Whether it’s a careless mistake or it’s intentional, there is always someone who has the wrong seat number. When we let this person know that they have taken the wrong seat, there are 2 scenarios: either this person is shocked that you can accuse him of such a thing. Either she is absolutely sorry to have made such a stupid mistake and is completely confused. Either way, it’s not pleasant for you, but at least the second case doesn’t backfire on you!

Solution: The solution is simple. If someone is seated in your place and that person is aggressive, feel free to contact a member of the crew. Don’t worry, they are used to handling these situations. In case the person just made a mistake, gently ask them to come around. The person is already embarrassed, so no need to draw attention to them.

9. The one who is rude to the flight crew

The crew members have to deal with many unpleasant passengers on every flight, even with a smile. Plus a whole bunch of things that we as passengers have no idea about. And they have to do it several times a week.

It is grueling! It is not because it is their job and that they have chosen it that the on-board staff should be the target of incivility, on the contrary. The worst passengers are those who do not respect the crew members.

Solution: unfortunately you cannot change the behavior of these disrespectful passengers. But you can control your behavior. Try to be polite to the crew members so that in return they can look after you in the best possible way without wasting all of their energy. They will be able to save their energy to deal with really unpleasant passengers.

10. The one who has no respect for your ears

Tablets, computers and smartphones … everyone has them and some forget to bring their headphones. Some are even ready to listen to their show or movie without using headphones! As a result, you find yourself following your neighbor’s show or movie unwittingly.

Solution : it is unpleasant and above all disrespectful. In such a case, you can try to say it nicely to your neighbor. Try to make her understand that you would like to sleep or rest well. If that doesn’t help, maybe the best solution is to buy him the headphones sold on the plane to avoid putting up with it for hours.

Your turn…

And you, who are the worst people you have met on the plane? Tell us about your experiences in the comments.

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