The 10 Commandments for Traveling Smart!

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Traveling is always a pleasure.

But it would be even better if we could avoid delays, pay less for plane tickets and avoid all the usual little hassles.

With these 10 tips for smart travel by plane, you will want to travel even more often.

1. Book now

Often we hesitate to book a ticket right away. We hope, while waiting a few days, that the prices will drop. Our advice is to book now because if the prices are unlikely to go down, they are very likely to go up. And this for 2 reasons:

1. The closer we get to the departure date, the higher the prices in general.

2. Have you ever noticed that when you choose a plane ticket, you are offered a price? If you wait 10 minutes and do it again for some reason or another, the price has risen !

Company websites (Air France, EasyJet) as well as travel search engines increase the price automatically. I have already lost 30 € for 10 minutes of hesitation. Don’t make the same mistake!

2. Choose your seat in advance

Since it is possible to book your seat online during check-in, a smart trick to be comfortable even in economy class is to book the window seat and the aisle seat, if you are traveling together.

The middle seat remains free but it is very unlikely that anyone will choose it then.

For this to work, you have to be the first to book the seat when check-in is open. Don’t wait to register.

If the plane is full and a passenger sits in the middle, they’ll be happy to swap their middle seat with you for an aisle or window seat.

3. Choose the morning flight

The morning flight is the one that has the least delay. Delays accumulate during the same day, so it is better to get up at dawn to arrive earlier on vacation!

4. Travel on Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday

The cheapest fares are recorded on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday, the day of lower attendance. If you can, travel on these days instead.

In addition to the lower cost of tickets, the low attendance will allow you to queue less at the airport and travel in less crowded planes. It’s more relaxing …

5. Book tickets on Tuesday

One trick we have already told you about for cheap travel is to buy plane tickets on Tuesday.

Why ?

It’s Tuesday that airline companies put online their new plane tickets.

The best prices are therefore on Tuesday …

Read our tip to find out more.

6. Consult local deal sites

You want to travel like a local, avoid the beaten track full of tourist traps and take advantage of the vouchers only the inhabitants of a city have access.

To do this, consult the deal sites and take advantage of deals intended for locals in the city you are visiting.

To go out, avoid tourist guides and instead consult blogs maintained by the inhabitants of the city in question. Beautiful surprises and authenticity guaranteed.

How to do ?

It’s not that simple but with my tip you should achieve it. Only one constraint: to have some knowledge of the language of the country in which you are going. I’ll show you for New York.

You type “Local Deals New York” into Google and you get deals from Travelzoo, Groupon and CBS (an American media group) in the first 3 search results.

At Travelzoo (and at Groupon) I find a dinner in an Italian restaurant referenced in the Zagat guide at $ 59 instead of $ 147 or 60% reduction. I see that this offer has been bought by 21 internet users already. It’s not bad, but not impressive.

On the other hand, lower down, I find a brunch for $ 2 at $ 29 instead of $ 67 in the great neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen. And there, I see that 203 people bought it, it is because the deal must be really nice …

7. Traveling on public holidays

Christmas Day is traditionally the cheapest day for tickets because nobody wants to travel that day. The same goes for the rest of the public holidays where tickets are much cheaper.

If you don’t mind missing out on Christmas preparations or looking for Easter eggs out of the plane, your travel budget will be greatly reduced.

8. Watch out for additional costs

When we choose a destination for a weekend or for a vacation, we often choose based on the price of the ticket, the hotel, but we forget to include certain costs that have an impact on the budget.

• The luggage supplement can be very expensive if you travel on certain companies, in particular the “so-called” low-cost.

• The transfer costs from the airport vary greatly from one destination to another.

• The cost of living there is also very variable from one destination to another, between restaurants and the cost of transport.

9. Think about weather conditions

You remember the snowfall that blocked Roissy CDG, Orly and many airports in northern Europe such as Heathrow in London. VS

those who had a stopover at Heathrow at that time regretted not having chosen a stopover in Madrid.

A simple trick to avoid delays when taking a flight with a stopover is to try if possible to go through a city where the weather is generally good.

Many of the delays are related to weather problems. If you have the choice between several stopovers, put the odds in your favor and choose the one with the best weather.

10. Choose the price, not the destination

A cool tip for cheap travel is to choose your destination based on the price and not on the destination itself.

If you want to go but do not know where yet, on the websites of the companies you can now choose the tickets in depending on the price : a good way to be sure of controlling your travel budget.

On Easyjet, you can access it on this page only in English with prices in £. Let’s hope that they offer the page to French speakers …

On AirFrance, click on the best offers page.

What do you think of these 10 commandments for smart travel? What are your tips for traveling cheaper? Share your little tips with us in the comments.

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