Sticks + Old Sheet = A Magnificent Bohemian Tent for the Beach!

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In the summer, I love spending my days at the beach, with my family and friends.

The only concern is the sunburn that we catch!

Yes, we easily forget to protect ourselves from the sun with a good sunscreen …

But no need to buy a beach tent to protect the whole family.

Instead, craft an old-fashioned beach hut! It’s simple, a few sticks, an old sheet … and presto!

How to make a bohemian tent with sticks and an old sheet.

In two steps, three movements, you have already assembled a fabric shelter with a bohemian look.

No more sunburns, wind and sand that spoil the day at the beach! Watch the quick and easy tutorial:

What you need

Wooden sticks to make a beach tent.

– 7 solid sticks, about 2 m long and 4 cm thick.

– string or rope

– scissors

– plastic cable ties

– large note clip

– 2 old cotton sheets or tablecloths

– some large stones

– pillows and a beach blanket

How to do

1. Make a tripod with three sticks.

2. Cut a long piece of string.

3. Wrap the string around the top of the tripod to tie the three sticks together.

Sticks tied together to make a beach tent.

Note: so that it is very stable, wrap the string around, below and between each stick, as in the photo above.

4. Use the same method to make a second tripod.

5. Space it from the first tripod along the length of the last stick that will serve as the “roof” for the tent.

6. Place the last stick on top of each tripod.

Wooden sticks to make a beach tent.

7. Using the hose clamp, tie a corner of the old sheet to the top of one of the two tripods.

Fabric tied to poles to make a beach shelter.

8. Tie another corner of the sheet to the center of the stick that serves as the roof.

9. Hold the bottom of the sheet to the ground with the large stones.

10. Do the same on the other side with the second sheet.

A beach tent made with sticks and an old sheet.

11. Use the notepads to tie the two sheets together.


A beach tent that shelters the sun for 2 people.

There you go, your homemade beach tent is already ready 🙂

Easy, fast and efficient, isn’t it?

It’s still nicer than buying a ready-made tent!

Plus, the kids will love helping you craft it and find the pieces of wood on the beach.

You will be able to spend a great day of relaxation and take a good nap in the shade without sunburn.

Additional advice

Experience the beach like a bohemian with a beach tent.

You can complete your beautiful homemade tent with a little bohemian touch!

A small beach towel, pillows, your picnic basket, a little reading …

A grandma’s tip that I’m sure you’ll use every time you hit the beach.

The little extra is that this tent can be placed almost anywhere.

So you can easily ride it on a hike, for a picnic in the park or even in your garden.

Your turn…

Did you make a homemade beach hut by following this tutorial? Tell us in the comments if it worked for you. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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