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Partner Article : Do you want to travel inexpensively? As the holidays approach, you are looking for a stay to organize quickly and who is not going to ruin you?

Logitravel offers very competitive prices on both plane and train tickets, car rentals, hotels, but also on stays (flight + hotel) as well as on cruises.

With such a wide offer, you will find the destination that suits you to go take the pill and get out of the daily gloom!

Last Minute Stays

What I liked about Logitravel (and which I hope you will also like) is the highlighting of last minute promotions.

For example, for the February holidays, I came across a stay in Venice for 2 people of 4 days and 3 nights at 142 € per person, flight and hotel included.

The prices offered are constantly updated, which allows each connection to be sure to benefit from the best offer of the moment.

Tailor-made stays

The site is also very easy to use. For this same stay in Venice, I noticed that the departure is from Beauvais airport. And yes, at this price it is necessarily low cost!

What is convenient is that I can choose another flight in 1 click. I therefore select the EasyJet flight from Orly. My stay is updated automatically. Of course it’s not the same price, it’s 92 € more, but at least I see very quickly if the offer is still interesting. The price of this offer has skyrocketed a little too much for my taste, I’ll look for another one …

Cruises to Book for Only 50 €!

And why not a cruise after all, I’ve never done one. If you like to go on a cruise and let yourself be guided from one dream destination to another in the heart of the Mediterranean, Logitravel should please you.

At Logitravel, they are cruise experts. With 2,500 routes offered on 27 companies in the Mediterranean, but also in Northern Europe, the Caribbean and even India, you are spoiled for choice.

To give you time to choose, Logitravel is the only travel agency that allows you to book a cruise for 50 €. No additional costs will be charged if you decide to cancel your stay no later than 65 days before departure.

So you want to come and sunbathe on the pill for cheap? Test the Logitravel site and give me your impressions in the comments.

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