Start The Car GENTLY To Save Gasoline.

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May 13, 2009

Gasoline is too expensive, we will all have to go eco-driving to pay attention to our savings.

Here’s a simple trick: Just start the car slowly.

Starting the car is a critical part of our gas mileage, that’s where it consumes the most, including in traffic jams because we have to keep restarting.

All the interest ofanticipate obstacles, but above all from start your car slowly.

After turning the key in the ignition, I start smoothly without giving any sudden acceleration. Eco-driving is very easy, you see!

You just have to remember all the tips while driving calmly.

Another tip is to know when to shift gears to optimize your flawless driving.

Woman driving

Savings made

My mood has a big impact on how much I use my car. If I start with a bang, speeding up so sudden, I am sure ofincrease consumption from my car. On the other hand, if I start without giving gas, I consume less fuel.

By adopting theeco driving, I save up to 40% gasoline and I increase my purchasing power accordingly!

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