Spend the whole summer reading cheap or even free with my 4 tips!

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It’s summer ! The sun, the beach.

For my part, this is the part of the year when I have the most time and pleasure to read.

But vacations already have a cost.

So I try as much as possible to find tips for reading cheap, or even free.

tips for reading cheap summer

1. Bookcrossing

I practice bookcrossing quite regularly. I discovered this a few years ago. I see with great pleasure that this is a phenomenon that is spreading.

Now strangers who leave books in public places write little words. It’s lively and altruistic, I really like the idea. The book has several lives, it makes people happy in different places.

The first one I found was placed on a train. In summer, it is the right time.

2. The family exchange

My second tip, it may sound silly, but do we think about it? I exchange my books with members of my family. We meet up every summer in the family home, where my grandmother has a huge collection of books.

She gave us all the “virus”. We talk about the books read, we give our impressions, we exchange and we debate.

3. Download

Free download. This concerns in principle the great classics, but what a pleasure to rediscover authors that we had not read since high school or college!

4. Emmaus

The last good plan that I practice regularly in summer costs me barely a few euros. Imagine that I get paperbacks from Emmaüs.

In principle, they cost around € 0.50 per novel. I read it … and I drop it off again at Emmaüs, so that someone else can do the same.

In the end: books deposited and sold several times for a good cause, and a summer reading cheaper than a subscription to a library. There are Emmaus everywhere in France.

Your turn…

And you, how do you manage to read inexpensively? Share your ideas with us in the comments. I bet that among our readers, there are plenty who devour the books especially in summer! What could be better than a good novel to relax on the beach?

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