Spend less, spend smart on vacation with my smart advice.

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Cheap vacations? It’s possible to spend less during your vacation with my smart advice. Follow me.

Good holidays, it’s getting organized in advance and even during your said stay. Heaven is not a game of chance, at least not always.

Here are my practical tips for a good vacation:

1. Plan ahead your tourist outings. By first finding out about the places to to visit, you may discover events individuals not to be missed, but especially periods to reduced prices and even free. This is the case during the Nuits Blanches in Paris where you can visit museums all night long for free.

2. Eat local, not touristy. This is the key to eat much better and at much more reasonable prices. For this, do not hesitate to seek advice from locals local, they know the best corners better than anyone.

3. Take public transport rather than the taxi. The Taxi quickly becomes very expensive whereas taking the bus, the tram, the metro or even the bicycle allows you to get around cheap at all. The metro maps will be very useful for you to find your way quite easily. If in doubt, do not hesitate to ask for your path to a local if you can speak the same language.

Savings Realized

Of holidays well organized are holidays thrifty and successful. Imagine, if you test all the stuff from tourists you will end up with a very salty note for your vacation and you will not necessarily have seen the better.

The local are the best advisers because they offer what is really typical and often at a reasonable price.

In addition, by moving around public transportation, you avoid the taxi or even the car rental which considerably rounds the budget of your stay.

And you, what are your plans to spend less while on vacation? Tell me in your comments.

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