Save money by going to the municipal library.

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Instead of buying all the latest books and DVDs, I borrow them from my local public library and save money. Follow my tip and save your money.

Once you have your card and are officially registered (it doesn’t even take five minutes at reception), you can borrow books and DVDs galore!

Of course, there is a quota and a deadline. You can still borrow up to ten books.

Personally, I find it great. It’s true that once read my books pile up on the shelves and I never open them again, so why buy them? I borrow from the public library whenever I feel like it, and I return everything when I’m finished.

For practical information on municipal libraries, go to the website of the town hall of Paris or your city. You will get a list of all the libraries near you, the opening hours.

To save time and get your library card quickly, you can download the registration form and complete it from home. You just need to sign it and present it with your identity card once there to receive your card which will be valid for one year.

Savings Realized

A subscription card costs almost nothing when she’s not really free. In Paris, once registered in a free library, I have access to all the other libraries in the city, and God knows if there are any!

I can borrow twenty books for three weeks, and I renew easily on the Internet if I haven’t had time to read or see everything. That is the demand of the people ? You can also buy used books, it’s much cheaper.

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