Satisfy your Reading Bulimia without Spending Anything.

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I love reading, but books are expensive and it is a real torture to walk in a bookstore and not be able to buy anything: there are solutions to be able to satisfy your reading craving while saving money!

When you devour between 5 and 8 books per month, it quickly becomes a very important budget item and trying to reduce it quickly becomes a necessity.

The library

Obviously, the first thing I did was register in the library (or media library) the closest: very often, if you are a resident of the municipality, you do not pay anything, or a symbolic sum, like 3 or 5 € per year. I can borrow 5 books a month, which is good enough for a book devourer.

Reading Committees

Other solution : be part of a reading committee. I registered with Les Agents Littéraires, which regularly offer titles by sending an email. I choose the one that tempts me (you have to go quickly if you want to get the one you want), I answer the email by giving my postal adress, and a few days later I receive the book sent by the author or the publisher. In addition, it is a good way to discover writers still little known, but often talented.


This is another way to get books without buying them: books are filed by individuals in public places and thus accessible to all. The game is to continue to make the book travel, by placing it in turn after reading on the bench of a square or the steps of a monument.


I also tried to contact new authors directly through their facebook page or on their blog: the latter, especially if they are little known, are always happy to send me their book in exchange for a column on my own page or on my blog.

And then I also try toexchange my favorite books with friends, who in turn lend me the books they have loved, and I frequent the literary salons where I flit on the shelves … I am finally no longer frustrated with reading, while spending a reasonable sum, and not being forced to add an additional shelf to my library every month!

And you, do you have any tips to read without spending anything come and tell us about it in comments.

Savings Realized

A book costs between 5 and 25 € depending on its volume and edition: the cost, for a heavy reader, can quickly reach 50 € monthly, or 600 € per year (this is an average).

The solutions suggested here cost nothing, or a maximum of € 5 for annual library registration. Either an annual saving of 600 €.

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