Rent your Car on Drivy to Round off your End of the Month!

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Partner Article: Drivy is the N ° 1 site for private car rental. The ideal platform to rent your car and earn money. Ready to try?

Why do we recommend Drivy?

Renting a car represents the future of the automobile. However car sharing, this is not new on the web. There are indeed quite a few websites that offer this service. Drivy, formerly Voiturelib, is not only the market leader but also one of the pioneers in France.

Even if it means renting your car, you might as well do it on the platform that will be the most profitable for you. Like when you rent your apartment on airbnb, the idea is to maximize your occupancy rate.

When your car is not in use, as much as it is rented. And rented as much as possible. In our opinion, it is on Drivy that your chances of” get a maximum of rentals are the biggest.

Save on Average 200 € per Month

On Drivy, an owner earns on average 200 € per month is € 2,400 per year. The car, the 2nd expense item in a household budget, can therefore become more profitable.

To see if this solution could be of interest to you, a simple calculation: how often do you use your car? If you don’t use it every day, you can offer it for rent and thus make it profitable.

One week after the rental you receive 70% of the rental price, the rest is used to pay for the insurance and the operation of the site.

You register for free and set the rental price of your car yourself. It’s up to you to offer a reasonable price so that your car is rented as often as possible. I advise you to start with a really reasonable price so that the rental of your vehicle starts quickly. You can always increase the price afterwards.

Renting a Car to an Individual, Isn’t that Risky?

Drivy is above all a trusted site. This is what makes the difference with a traditional rental company. The individual who rents the car is valued by the owner. The owner is also evaluated by the tenant. Check out the reviews of the person you want to do business with to see what users are saying about them.

In the event of a problem, your vehicle is insured via Drivy by MMA comprehensive insurance. Insurance is included in the rental price and Drivy even protects your bonus.

In the event of a ticket, it is the tenant who pays the ticket and loses his points.

I hope I have answered all your questions. If you have any remaining, customer service at Drivy is super responsive, feel free to contact them directly on 01 83 64 59 03. And if you have any questions for me, post them directly in the comments, I’ll be happy to answer them.

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