Refund of a canceled flight: how much to request?

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Has your flight been canceled? What amount are you entitled to be reimbursed?

Lately, many flights have been canceled due to bad weather, strikes …

We ourselves have been stuck and discovered that the airline can reimburse a lot more than the ticket in question, you still have to ask.

In the event of cancellation on a European flight, be aware that you can claim the reimbursement of your ticket for the trip not made but not only.

The company must indeed reimburse you for the additional cost of the ticket that you bought at the last minute and which is often more expensive than the original. We asked just in case and it worked, you have to send the ticket to customer service with the invoice and it doesn’t have to be a plane ticket. We got a refund for a train ticket …

All companies are subject to this rule, even low cost companies. In our case, we flew Easyjet tickets and customer service accepted it without a problem. We called Air France to verify and they also refund tickets in case of cancellation.

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Note that if you have suffered damage related to the cancellation of your flight, you can also be compensated.

For European flights, a flat-rate indemnity is provided for an amount varying between 250 euros and 600 euros. This compensation depends on the duration of the planned flight, your trip and the delay time on arrival. If the compensation seems insufficient to you in relation to the damage caused, you can ask for more but you will have to take legal action.

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If you’ve been the victim of flight cancellations like us, post a comment in this tip to let us know about your experience.

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