Reading Books For Free, It’s Possible!

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If you’re like me, reading is one of your passions and you can escape for hours with a good book.

But now, their price is sometimes out of your budget.

Have you thought about Circul’Livre or how to read for free? I’ll explain everything to you!

The Concept of Circul’Livre

The concept is simple and can be found in different cities in France. Initially, Circul’Livre was an initiative of the Bel-Air Sud district (Paris 12th arrondissement), which appeared in April 2004.

He makes books available to the public, free of charge, and the only consideration requested: putting the borrowed book back into circulation. Either in the relay points that exist and where you will find other books, or simply by leaving it in a public place (on a bench, in a park …).

The goal: that the book circulates and can make the joy of the greatest number!

Social Vector and Reading Promotion

Circul’Livre not only saves money, since the exchange and free circulation of books are its pillars, but also allows meetings and a new dynamic in certain neighborhoods.

Lover of books, words and Belles Lettres, I find that this system allows a real promotion of reading, a second life to your forgotten books.

Culture no longer has a financial barrier and is truly open to everyone!

Where to find Circul’Livre?

To find all the relay points we were talking about, do not hesitate to go to the association’s website.

And if unfortunately Circul’Livre did not yet exist near you, why not be the instigator of a new antenna? Circul’Livre in some cities, reading boxes in others, the concept remains the same.

From my reading on the net, I was also able to realize that some of you, quite simply, had the idea to put all your old books in a box, and that they had left it available with an explanatory note in the lobby of their building. This small gesture was a success!

The joy of giving and sharing is that simple!

So what do you think of this fun and economical concept? Would you be ready to give it a try? Quickly leave me your comments and impressions!

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