RATP Offers You Free Entrance to Disneyland Paris. Enjoy it!

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Update: this RATP offer is no longer available. If a new offer emerges, we keep you informed.

RATP offers you entry to Disneyland Paris for your birthday …

It’s free and very easy to get.

We have tested for you and we tell you how to take advantage of it.

How do I get the invitation?

Nothing could be simpler, just register and in 2 minutes it was done!

I registered on the RATP website at the RATP privilege address.

I filled out the questionnaire which asks for nothing more confidential than my date of birth, my mobile number and my e-mail address and voila.

A few minutes later I received my email invitation giving free access to the 2 Disneyland Paris parks for one day.

Pink and blue Disneyland castle

Who can benefit from it?

Everyone, not just RATP users.

In the questionnaire to be completed online, you are asked for the number of your transport ticket so I thought for a second that this was only reserved for holders of Navigo Pass, imagine R card and others.

The option “No ticket” is provided. This way you can complete the questionnaire and get the coveted free entry even without having a ticket.

We did the test by indicating “no ticket” and received the invitation too! 🙂

How it works ?

You can register until December 30, 2011. After this date the offer will no longer be valid.

You will receive a free one-day entry valid for the week of your birthday.

Don’t panic if your birthday has already passed in 2011, invitations are open until December 30, 2012.

For example if your birthday is March 3, you will receive an invitation valid from March 1 to 7, 2012.

How to take advantage of it?

Simply print out the invitation you received by email and present it at the entrance desk when you arrive at Disneyland Paris.

This invitation will be exchanged for an entry which gives access to the two Disneyland Paris parks.

If your birthday is close to mine, we might meet! Tell us in the comments if you enjoyed this good plan and if your day went well

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