Paris-Bucharest Low Cost Flight with Blue Air: My Traveler Opinion.

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The round trip to Romania for less than 100 € for two? I tried with Blue Air… and I did not regret!

Paris-Bucharest for 19 €… Mission impossible? Yet this is what the Blue Air site displays on its home page. And considering that we go to Romania on average twice a year, I can tell you that the first time, it caught our attention!

Neither one nor two, I click on the flight reservation tab, which asks me my itinerary and my departure dates.

First precision, and not the least, the departure is from Paris-Beauvais, the low-cost airport of the capital… but which is still an hour by train from the Gare du Nord. No worries for us since at the time, we lived in Beauvais itself.

So I enter my departure dates, confirming that I want to leave Beauvais and land in Bucharest.

Second precision of the same ilk: the landing takes place at Otopeni, the equivalent of Beauvais, therefore necessarily far from the center. But this is the principle of low-cost: we are necessarily a little further than traditional airports!

I valid my reservation, which shows 76 € 90 for two round trips (I don’t know when the pennies were added to the total amount, but we are not far from 19 € for the flight…)

Check in my Baggage? To do what ?!

The site then asks me if I want to check in baggage. The company asks me 20 € for this. I refuse … and will bite my fingers on the day of departure, since we will have to pay 30 € at the airport to put our suitcase. I didn’t know at the time that only hand luggage (one per person) is free. Payment in advance therefore allows you to save € 10 if you absolutely have to take checked baggage. It’s not nothing !

But all that, I don’t know yet when I validate my order! I click on “validate the payment”. And bad surprise when choosing the payment: I have to add 16 € to pay by credit card… But I don’t have so many other choices! I therefore validate a payment of 92 €

It’s the start !

On the day of departure, despite the bad surprise of the baggage supplement, everything went as planned. Presentation of printed tickets (be careful with invoicing if you do not print them from home!), Baggage check-in, passage through the boarding area, no problem. You may be surprised by crossing the track on foot (remember, it’s low-cost!), But nothing more.

On the plane, basic drinks are unlimited. For everything else, of course, you have to take out your bank card. Sandwiches, cookies or soft drinks are extra. But I planned it and no one looks at me askance when I take our impromptu picnic on the plane!

We continued to travel with Blue Air the entire time we lived in Beauvais, and didn’t have a single bad surprise.

Savings Realized

The round trip to Bucharest with a traditional company costs on average 150 euros. When departing with Blue Air, the return flight costs 38 euros, plus 16 euros for payment fees and 20 euros (17 in low season) for checked baggage.

The ticket is therefore 74 euros, or even 54 if you only take hand luggage. Minimum savings of 76 euros per ticket ! The sum is far from negligible, for equivalent services.

Or 608 € for two trips per year! Rather not bad!

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