Our Good Deal for Cheap Suitcases for the Holidays!

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Going on vacation and need a suitcase?

For quality at a low price, I recommend the cheap luggage specialist: Rayon d’Or.

It is when going on vacation that you pull out your old suitcase from the cellar, the attic or from under your bed.

And it is often at this moment that we remember that the wheel is broken or that the zipper no longer works …

In short, a few days before the holidays we would have done well without this little problem. Result: I need a suitcase quickly!

Cheap branded luggage

Rather than rushing to any porter where you may be paying a high price, take a look at the Rayon d’Or site instead.

You will find suitcases, travel bags from the best brands like Samsonite or Delsey offered at very competitive prices.

To help you, Rayon d’Or offers a Lot of suitcases section where you will find sets of 3 branded suitcases at low prices, from € 99!

I advise you to consult it first, this is where you will find the best deals for smart travel, otherwise you also simply have the “TOP DEALS” section which groups together the best current offers at Rayon d’Or.

2 luggage tips for smart travel

• If you’re on a plane, but haven’t bought your tickets yet, read my tip on the 10 commandments for smart travel.

The 8th commandment is to avoid additional costs and for that I recommend that you travel light and choose a cabin suitcase on Rayon d’or, a Low Cost Suitcases section presents these suitcases admitted in the cabin.

• To easily recognize your suitcase and prevent someone from mistaking it for theirs, take a colored one rather than a black one. The majority of people buy black luggage …

Take advantage of sales and free shipping!

Rayon d’Or offers during the sales super attractive discounts of up to 80% on their collection of luggage, travel bags and suitcases.

To find your way around, any reductions are indicated in red on each product offered for sale.

But before rushing to a reduction, especially choose a suitcase that suits you in terms of size, displacement (bags, 2 wheels, 4 wheels) and whose selling price is not expensive.

When confirming your order, check that the shipping costs are free. They are for most of the items offered via Colissimo but check carefully because this can obviously guide your choice.

Rayon d’Or is also 5 stores in Paris

If you want to choose your suitcase, check its quality, size and weight, go to one of the 5 Rayon d’Or stores in Paris.

The shops are located in République, Montparnasse (rue de Rennes), Gare Saint Lazare, Gare de l’Est and Gare du Nord. Click here to find their exact addresses.

What do you think of Rayon d’Or? Are you satisfied with it? Share your opinion in the comments.

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