Novak Djokovic Opens a FREE Resto For Those In Need.

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Just because Novak Djokovic is a millionaire doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a big heart.

The famous Serbian tennis player wanted to help those who are in great difficulty by creating a restaurant of a new type.

Because if we know the talents of Novak Djokovic as a tennis player, we do not know that he is passionate about cooking.

Yet he has already opened two restaurants and is about to open a third.

But this last restaurant will be very different from the others!

This one will only accommodate the homeless and people in precarious situations, who will be able to eat there for free. Explanations:

The adventure began in 2009 when the famous Serbian sportsman opened his first restaurant in Monaco.

In the process, he launched Eqvita, a vegetarian restaurant, still in Monaco.

In 2016, a change of course: Novak Djokovic opens a third restaurant, in Serbia, with the objective, this time, to help the most disadvantaged.

In this restaurant like no other, balanced and healthy meals are served free of charge to the poor.

A free restaurant for the poorest

Mingled with other “classic” clients who can also dine in this philanthropic establishment, they will be able to enjoy a calm and warm moment and enjoy a good meal.

For Novak Djokovic, it is a way of showing his gratitude to the entire population of his native country for his unwavering support throughout his career.

“Money is not a problem for me. I have earned enough money to be able to feed all of Serbia. I think they deserve it after all the support they have given me.

“Why free food? Food is the fuel to which I attribute all of my success.

“Of all the things I have experienced in my athletic life, eating a healthy diet has changed me the most,” explains the athlete.

We couldn’t agree with him more! A good diet is indeed what is most important to feeling good.

The tennis player’s fortune is estimated at 185 million euros.

This leaves room for opening other restaurants for the poorest!

Hopefully other millionaires will be inspired by this generous step.

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