No Worry About Spending All Your Money On Travel, Science Says It.

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It’s not the one who has the most things at home who is the happiest!

It is the one who has the most experiences who is the happiest.

What do you mean ? Isn’t the point of life saving money to buy the latest phone, the latest TV, or the last car?

And yes, we’ve always been made to believe that always buying more things is the best way to be happy.

But the latest scientific studies clearly show that the best way to be happy in the long run is to have experiences.

What kind of experiences? Travel, do outdoor activities, learn new skills (speak a new language, learn a martial art or take cooking lessons, etc.) or even go see exhibitions.

Why spend all your money on travel

It is certain that a TV lasts longer than a cruise in the Mediterranean.

So you might think that you can get more pleasure from it than a cruise in the Mediterranean.

Unfortunately, it is not the case.

“We buy things to make us happy, and in a way it works. At least initially, because the pleasure we get from it doesn’t last,” explains Thomas Gilovich, professor of psychology at Cornell University in the United States.

“At first, it’s exciting to buy new things but you get bored quickly,” he explains, based on his extensive research on the correlation between money and happiness.

The new TV that we just bought is there, still in the same place in the living room. Result, we get used to it quickly. And slowly, it is more and more part of the decor and we no longer even pay attention to it …

On the contrary, the trips we take, and the experiences we live, gradually build our identity.

Think about it: what struck you the most?

The video games that we gave you when you were little or the family trip you took to Greece? You know this trip full of anecdotes that still make you and your family laugh.

“Of course, it is possible to really love the material things that belong to you. You may even think that these material things are part of who you are,” says Dr. Gilovich.

“But in fact they are separate from you, he corrects. In comparison, the experiences that you have are really part of you. Why? Because we are only the sum of the experiences that we have.”

Humans are social beings, so social relationships greatly contribute to our happiness.

Gilovich continues: “One of the reasons that spending money on experiences is more fun in the long run is that it connects us much more deeply and lastingly to each other.”

Experiences build us psychologically, bind us with others and, in fact, bring us a lot of happiness.

So convinced?

If so, take the money you intended to put into buying a new sofa or that trendy coat to catch a flight to Thailand, sign up for that Italian cooking class, or see an exhibition in a museum near you.

You will see, it will make you much happier 🙂

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