No more holding your phone in your hand in the car! Use This MAGNET Holder for Only 5 Euros.

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Tired of holding your phone in your hand in the car?

It’s true that it’s not practical and very dangerous …

… especially when you have to follow the Waze GPS on your phone!

Fortunately, there is a smart product at only 5 € to hang your phone easily on the car dashboard.

This smart product is the Mpow phone holder which allows you to attach the phone to the ventilation grid using a magnet. Look :

Buy cheap mpow phone holder for car

How much does it cost : € 5.99

Buy cheap mpow

Why is it smart?

1. Because you can use your phone’s GPS in the car without holding it in your hand.

2. Because it holds your phone perfectly even on bumps thanks to a magnet.

3. Because it is compatible with all smartphones including iPhone and Samsung.

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