New Car Destocking: Is It Really Economical?

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Buying a new car at discount prices, we all dream of it!

Destockers liquidate dealer inventory for us to quickly offer us quality and low prices on our favorite new cars.

The principle : The sites of car destockers allow you to buy new cars. In fact, they liquidate the dealers’ stock and give us a 10% to 20% discount in the process.

The main advantage to buy a new car in clearance is the speed of delivery times. On average, you can get your new car in 1 week. Sometimes even, in just 1 day, our new new car at a reduced price is available!

How do they go about reducing the price of new cars? They are simply helping dealers to empty their stock by selling new, unsold cars over the Internet. The distributor offers a discount on the brand new car and the destocker is remunerated for each transaction made through its website by a commission of around 1% paid by the automobile distributor. It is in everyone’s interest and we are the first to be delighted!

A small inconvenience still lies in the choice of cars offered. It is not always possible to choose your favorite color or options. Moreover, not all car models are available at all times. We must therefore monitor websites when we are demanding.

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Black New Car Destocking: New Car Destocking: Is It Really Economical?

Savings Realized

Better than a cheap used car, why not afford the luxury of buying a new, cheaper car?

The promotions and discounts of destockers on new cars vary between 10% and 20% less than new cars purchased from car dealerships.

For new cars ranging between 15,000 and 30,000 €, the savings are enormous: 2000 € to 6000 € cheaper !

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