My 3 Tips for Eating Red Fruits For Free or At Reduced Prices.

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The price of fruit is rising more and more at the start of summer.

But never mind, I have my little tricks for gorging myself on cherries, strawberries, raspberries or blackberries for three times nothing.

The summer heat makes me crave fruit, and that’s good, it’s the season of strawberries, cherries, blackberries and raspberries. Yum ! But given the price per kilo in the supermarket, it’s not easy!

Fortunately, there are alternatives to supermarkets. Here is the topo,

1. Wild blackberries without pesticides at 0 € per kilo

Blackberries are becoming increasingly rare on the fruit and vegetable shelves in stores. So, I’m going to pick them directly at the edge of the forest. It’s wild, it’s good, it’s organic: p and I don’t spend a lot!

2. Cherries without pesticides at 0 € per kilo

Sometimes to save you have to work a little. For the cherries, I suggest to my grandmother’s friends, who are sometimes lucky enough to have a garden and a large cherry tree, to help them pick them. Well yes the poor, it’s not easy at 80 to climb a ladder.

So, me, nice as I am, I stop by to see them (they love it) and for 2 hours, I pick everything I can. And I leave with a basket full of delicious cherries to thank me for the service rendered. And in addition, I was able to tan for free at the same time.

3. Organic strawberries and raspberries at € 2 per kilo

For strawberries and raspberries, it’s a bit the same principle. Many producers offer to come and do their market by picking or picking up “their shopping” directly in orchards, gardens and local vegetable patch.

And since it’s strawberry season … let’s go picking! Instead of paying € 4.50 per kilo in the supermarket, I recently paid for my kilo of strawberries only € 2 and what’s more, it’s organic!

And you ? What are your tips for enjoying fruit at a lower cost? Come share your tips with us in the comments.

Savings made

For the moment, I eat red fruits every day at the moment. And hold on tight, I calculated the savings for a month.

I only spend a maximum of € 10 / summer month, counting 5 kilos in all of strawberries or raspberries, and around 5 kilos of cherries and 3 kilos of blackberries.

If I had bought all this at the supermarket and seen the current prices per kilo, then I would normally have to spend around € 70. So I easily and pleasantly save 60 €

And with all that, I was full of fruit by preparing myself happy salads, smoothies, ice creams, fruit cocktails, jams, compotes and many other culinary experiments but I also took advantage to make me cosmetic firming masks or cushions with cherry stones.

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