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Student life is punctuated by questions about his orientation, his exams and his daily life. Discover, the good deals site for students that makes everyday life easier.

What internship this summer? How to find a roommate? What is the freelance profession? When are the results of the bac? Student life is not a long quiet river.

The site has understood this and offers invaluable help to all students who are wondering what to do with their life or their ten fingers during the holidays while staying on the lookout for cheap deals.

It is moreover by wanting to understand the profession of web editor, which I currently exercise, that I discovered this site. The site highlights jobs in the form of a job description, all for free. In a few words we understand the little-known profession of sports agent or that of artistic director, enough to give ideas for the future …

Many interviews are available on the site to allow students to have access to expert advice. These interviews complement specific themes. For job descriptions, I was able to benefit from the experience of players in the sector who give practical advice and a less theoretical vision. There are also opinions that respond to everyday issues. This one made me smile: should you share your shopping with your roommate?

Another point that struck me is this huge community of over 1 million students, who helps each other on forums by giving each other tips or simply exam dates. Suffice to say that no question will go unanswered. And I admit it’s easier to ask a question on the site than to ask your high school friends who might spoof you. What you don’t know what a sports agent is, you suck my poor!

The “classifieds” section is also not bad and once registered you have free access. This is the opportunity to find a shared apartment to reduce your housing budget as well as your shopping budget.

And for those who want to browse the “tips” section suggests you the good ideas of the moment to go out. Enough to prepare your weekend quickly: why not try the Eurockéennes festival for example? Or find out how to win free concert tickets in exchange for a few hours of work with Orange Rockcorps.

And you, what have you discovered with

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