Mail your letters to Santa Claus by e-mail, it’s more economical!

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There is a way that is both economical and ecological to send your wish list to Santa Claus: send it by e-mail!

Eh yes! Santa Claus, too, has modernized. In his little house at the North Pole, he has just obtained Internet access to receive all the gift lists of well-behaved or less well-behaved children.

Even if it is no longer a question of posting letters, it is still the Post Office which takes care of the routing of e-mails, and it takes place at this address: .Fr.

The site is very simple and very pretty. Our dear blond heads will be able to have fun during the long winter days with several sections, including the games section, “Artist workshops” or even “Sewing salon”. But the most interesting is to send your letter to Santa Claus!

Here is how it goes:

1st step : the child fills out the form with his address.

2nd step : we send our list of toys.

3rd step : Santa Claus answers!

Now it is no longer worth using paper for Christmas. The Internet is there for us, and even Santa Claus is taking advantage of it!

And you? What are your tips for an eco-friendly and thrifty Christmas? How do you send your gift list to Santa? Ho, ho, ho, it’s over here for the comments!

Savings Realized

An envelope and a stamp cost around 70 cents. If you have several children, we quickly arrive at a total of three or four euros (yes, now even older children want to send their letter to Santa Claus, I quit at 18).

By emailing your toy list, you’ll save the cost of a carton of milk or a package of cakes. Cakes and milk, that will make Santa Claus happy when he passes by your fireplace!

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