Lose Weight Your Car to Save Gasoline.

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March 22, 2012

Here is a tip for easy fuel savings: reduce the weight of your car. Yes yes, she will have to go on a diet too!

After the holidays or a weekend, remember to remove your roof rack or your bike securely installed in your trunk. Why ?

Quite simply because a heavier car consumes more. In winter, also remember to remove snow that affects the aerodynamics of the car.

And then if you have boxes in the trunk that have to be removed for 3 months, do so now :-). Remember: less weight in the car means more fuel economy every time you pick up the car.

Do you have useless stuff in your car? Have you taken the time to remove them to lose weight in your car? Tell me in the comments.

Savings made

With this tip you will be able to save on average 5% consumption over the year. Very often, it is these everyday objects that we forget or are too lazy to remove that are expensive.

A roof gallery consumes up to 0.7L per 100km at 80km / h. And when you carry a bike on the roof, it is 3 liters per 100 more that fly away. To save fuel without tiring yourself, consider lightening up.

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