Learn English For Free: How To Progress While Having Fun?

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The level of the French in English is far from that of the best European students.

The best European students are the Germans and the Dutch.

Why are they almost bilingual when we are barely able to hold a basic conversation? And I’m not talking about the accent …

With the number of years we spend in school trying to learn this language, we have every right to ask ourselves.

So how do you learn English for free while having fun? Follow the leader.

Tips for learning English for free

How to learn English for free?

The answer does not lie so much in the success or not of the education system … In Holland or Sweden, films and TV series are broadcast in their original version.

From an early age, young people from the Nordic countries are immersed in Anglo-Saxon culture as soon as they turn on the TV.

No wonder their level of English is so impressive!

The solution is therefore to immerse yourself in Anglo-Saxon culture by changing a few habits.

First, try to read in English: it will help you improve your vocabulary.

If you don’t understand some words, use an online dictionary. Nothing could be simpler and it’s super fast.

We advise you to start with simple and cool books like Harry Potter …

Stop watching TV in French, but watch your favorite series in streaming and in original version of course.

Start with simple shows like South Park or watch shows you’ve seen before to get your ear used to the American accent.


There you go, for free, you will be able to progress in English from your sofa!

It’s much more effective than all those years of English lessons …

And you will save money! An English course is far from given.

While watching TV shows in English or reading books in English is free!

Your turn…

Have you tried this trick to learn English for free? Let us know in the comments if it worked for you. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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