La Fourchette and Online Reservation Sites to Pay Less at Restaurants.

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Being able to book a table in the restaurant without calling while paying less for the bill.

If I tell you that it is possible you will surely find it hard to believe me. And yet.

The online reservation fork site offers all these options.

Reserving a restaurant table by phone is a thing of the past.

And yes today everything is done online even for large establishments. And with any luck you will get a discount on the bill through this process.

How is this miracle possible?

Innovative sites have decided to set up this system of online booking. Among them, the fork brings together 5,000 restaurants of all kinds of cuisine, from the simplest to the starred, spread over 1349 towns.

These sites offer you a description of the restaurant, its dishes and prices. Once you have chosen the restaurant you want, you can book online. The availability check is done in real time and a confirmation sms is sent to you. Restaurants working in partnership with these sites offer reductions up to -5O% on its dishes if you book online. Very very interesting you will tell me. Yes, but you have to pay attention to the small box below the tempting promotions detailing which dishes this discount applies to. Drinks are not often included!

If you know exactly what you want for a type of cuisine, sites rank restaurants by theme. This allows you to know the atmosphere of the restaurant and compare with others classified in the same category.

And if you are a fan of restaurants, the restopolitan site offers weekly, monthly or three-month cards that allow you to have a free meal.

Let me explain. The purchase of this card allows you to go as many times as you wish in the partner restaurants of the site. With each reservation, provided you are accompanied by a person who will pay for his meal, you will be offered yours, drink not included. It’s important to read the conditions of use of the card before you buy it!

Thinking of booking online, it will be a pleasure for all smart stingers to go to a restaurant without worrying about the budget.

Savings made

The reductions are valid each time for one person on the whole table but this already represents a good saving on the whole bill. And if there are two of you and one of the meals is offered to you, it is possible to split the bill in two, which comes to almost nothing while you eat well.

If you often have to eat out for work or any other reason, this reservation system can be beneficial! As long as you don’t eat on your own!

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