Kidioui, to Buy a Cheap and Safe Car!

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Partner Article : Buying your car on the Internet is easy. Being sure to buy a car in good condition at the best price is already more difficult. Kidioui is the funny name of a website that allows you to find new or used cars that are really cheap and avoid the hassle.

Stop Internet Scams!

We have all seen the reports retracing the experience of the poor buyer who buys his car on Leboncoin, eBay. When the keys are handed over, he is still convinced that he has made a good deal, except that very quickly he finds himself with a stolen car that he must hand over to the courts. It will surely never be reimbursed.

Victims of Internet scams are more numerous than we think. And if some fall into somewhat easy traps, most of the victims are deceived by people who are professionals of Internet scams, such as car thieves who use certain sites to sell merchandise. Neither seen nor known.

Kidioui, To Buy a Safe Car

Kidioui selects, from car representatives and dealers located in France, the best offers new or used cars.

In fact, Kidioui does not sell a car but puts you in touch with professional sellers. You buy at the seller directly. This is not a blind buy with an unscrupulous private individual.

We wrote an article some time ago explaining that buying your car from an auto agent was a good plan. The only problem with our advice is that it’s hard to know what the agents are offering, let alone if it’s a good deal. We therefore complete our article with this good plan:

Kidioui Selects the Best Offers for You

This is the whole advantage of Kidioui, whose goal is to make it easy for you to find the best deal on the make of car and model you are looking for.

For this you can choose the brand and model of the car and consult the list of offers posted online by car dealers and agents. Kidioui presents the best discounts and these discounts can go up to 44% !

Do You Know About Reverse Auctions?

On Kidioui you can find a car in a very original way. You are looking for a very specific model but, despite all the offers on the site, you have not found what you are looking for.

Never mind, you create your own alert on Kidioui. Agents and dealers are immediately notified of your need and will offer their best prices.

Until the end of the auction, they will lower the prices to win the sale and you just have to watch them go down before you pick the best deal!

What do you think of the Kidioui idea? Do you think it’s a good plan to find a car? Share your impressions in the comments, that’s what it is!

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