Jaimeattendre.com, a site to save time and spend less money in hotline and customer service.

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We are all fed up with queuing in queues when trying to reach customer service from your telephone company or any company.

To avoid wasting time by calling a hotline or waiting in line in an administration, Jaimeattendre.com makes the time slots of these companies accessible so as not to go there at peak times.

The concept is simple, the site provides the timetable as well as numbers to reach (often difficult to find) to call the customer services of large French companies as well as administrations.

From SFR to Fnac via Air France, a town hall or a prefecture, the service provided by Jaimeattendre.com will prevent you from going wild on the phone.

Not only is this good for customers like us, but it also makes life easier for customer services and other hotlines, which can better manage call overloads and therefore better serve us in the end.

So, with J’aimeattendre, no more unnecessary trips and endless calls. You clearly save time and money. And that, we like at Comment Economiser!

Savings Realized

In addition to saving time, you will of course also save money.

Hotline numbers, such as Darty’s after-sales service or the Opodo call center, are unfortunately not free.

By reading the schedules, you will avoid peak hours and find the right time to call.

Thus, you will spend less spending less time in the hotline’s telephone queue.

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