Inexpensive Cinema Tickets with Gaumont & Pathé Flash Sales.

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Do you like the cinema but you don’t go there often because it is way too expensive?

Buy cinema tickets at reduced prices thanks to Gaumont & Pathé flash sales!

I don’t know about you but I rarely go to the cinema because I find that it is really not cheap. The last time I set foot there I paid my seat 10.20 €, a fortune !

So when I heard that there was a good plan to get seats cinema at low prices, I jumped at the chance.

Indeed, with Gaumont & Pathé flash sales, I only pay € 3.50 my place, enough to give me back a smile.

How it works ?

No need to move, I am connect directly on the Gaumont & Pathé site on Tuesday of each week and I take advantage of this exceptional rate by ordering my ticket directly online.

To fully benefit from it, all I have to do is print my place and present it at the entrance of the cinema the same day to go see a movie before it is permanently withdrawn from the poster in my theater.

Warning ! A small clarification all the same, this offer is valid only on the net, no need to bother the teller to get a discount, he won’t give it to you 😉

Now, hush it will start, good movie!

Have you already taken advantage of this good plan? Do you know another one? Do not hesitate to leave us a comment !

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