I tested Bookcrossing, to exchange books for free.

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Free books that you then share with other readers. Does that sound utopian to you? However, it is a reality with bookcrossing.

I don’t know how many books you read each month, but my bookstore budget comes right after rent and food. Suffice to say that my husband is trying to put a stop to it!

And for some time now, I have been able to give him satisfaction. Not that I have reduced my reading rhythm in any way. I just discovered the bookcrossing.

The principle is very simple: people put books they liked in public places, so that others can discover them. Once the book is read, it is dropped back in a different place and so on….

Books can thus travel from city to city, or across continents. And that’s what’s great! Especially since by registering the book in question on the Bookcrossing.com site (completely free for basic operations), you can follow the course of the book. Readers can also leave comments …

Have you already tested the principle of bookcrossing? Let us know in the comments what you think of the experience.

Savings Realized

No more books bought between 10 and 15 euros and lying around in the library because they no longer have any interest! Thanks to this system, I discovered a lot of totally unknown authors and I find that very enriching.

Of course, I continue to buy certain books that I want to keep, but for the rest, I collect the books as I go out (the Bookcrossing site has a list of places to “hunt”) and then drop them off again. The exchanges are really enriching… and completely free.

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