I Paid 3.49 Euros To Go To CDG Airport From Paris. Here’s how.

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Update: Easybus is no longer present in Paris so this offer is no longer valid. But it remains so for the other cities here.

Are you looking for THE cheapest solution to go to Charles-de-Gaulle airport from Paris?

By taxi, you have it for 55 € if it drives well. Make the estimate here.

In Uber, you have it for 50 €. Make the estimate here.

By sharing a taxi on Wecab, you will get € 35 about.

By Air France coach, the one-way ticket is 17 €, as you can see here.

By RER, you have to pay € 10 for a single trip, as shown here.

Until then, it was the cheapest solution. But I found a good plan even more interesting.

I used easyBus.com and I paid € 3.49 to go to CDG airport from the center of Paris!

You do not believe me ? I was sure of it ! That’s why I kept my ticket. Here it is below. Note that the price shown is for 2 people :

Cheap easybus ticket paris charles de gaulles airport

How to do

1. Go to the easyBus website here.

2. Enter your departure date. Of course, you can also choose a round trip.

3. Choose the time that suits you.

4. Pay the indicated price.

5. Print your tickets.

6. On the day of your departure, go to the pick-up point located in the Palais Royal metro station. Here is the exact address to help you find your way there.


There you are, you’re on your way to Charles de-Gaulle airport 🙂

Count around 1 hour journey.

How to pay EVEN cheaper

Know that the more you get there take in advance, the less expensive the ticket. To take advantage of an advantageous rate, I bought my ticket 2 weeks in advance.

If done early enough, the price of a one-way easyBus ticket can go down to 2 €. Or 4 € round trip!


The departure takes place only at Palais Royal station in the center of Paris.

So, you will surely need to add a metro ticket to € 1.90 to get there. Unless you already have a Navigo subscription.

Another negative point, easyBus does not yet offer a trip to Orly airport.

What do you think of this new service? Do you know of any other cheap ways to get to the cheap airport? Share your tips in the comments.

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