I had my feet pampered like in an institute for only 5 €!

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Pedicure? Podiatry care? Orthoplasty?

It is possible even with a small budget.

I’ll explain how I managed to get a pedicure for only € 5.

It is well known that to get a cheap haircut it is enough to go to hairdressing schools. But why then not have thought before going to podiatry schools to take care of our feet at low cost?

1. Where and How?

So I gave it a shot. I called the Danhier pedicure school in Paris for more information. And believe it or not, they were delighted to have my call because they are sorely lacking in guinea pigs during the school year.

So I imagine that for other French podiatry schools, it’s the same thing, so don’t hesitate to call them for information and maybe to make an appointment. Taking care of those feet is now: p

2. When?

The appointments for the Danhier school are linked to the rhythms of the training. They are therefore looking for people from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. I think they are roughly the same hours for other French podiatry schools.

3. How much?

I could have paid nothing at all if I had wished, but a participation of 5 € (or more if you wish) is still welcome, especially since the students pay for their school year.

It’s like the tip you give the tour guide at the end of a visit. And then 5 € compared to a pedicure treatment in an institute which is worth at least 30 €, it is already 25 € saved!

Have you ever tried podiatry care in training schools? Do not hesitate to come and testify in comments.

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