I Got Compensated!

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I no longer hesitate to complain when I am disappointed with the quality of a product.

And in the vast majority of cases, I receive a voucher or a check in return from the consumer service.

A few weeks ago, I came back from the supermarket very happy at the idea of ​​the superb beef stew that I was going to prepare for my in-laws’ coming home.

I had bought over two kilograms of beef and thought I got a great deal.

Except that once denervated, sorted and cooked, it turned out to be as hard as wood. Even though I let it simmer for hours and hours, nothing to do, the meat remained shriveled and hard to chew. No stewed beef, so for the meal with step-dad and step-mom, but stuffed tomatoes, made with the meat that I have finely chopped.

I could have left it there, but I was so upset against the supermarket that I took my best pen to send a letter to the consumer service, explaining to them why I was not happy. I attached the sales receipt, as well as the label that I got from one of the packages, so that they can trace the route of the meat.

A few days later, I received a letter of apology, at the end of which I was invited to go to the store reception, to collect “two vouchers of 7 euros each”. A commercial gesture that I greatly appreciated!

Savings Realized

Complaints should not be made indiscriminately. On the other hand, when they are justified, I find it normal to turn to the competent service to obtain a refund for the product (or service) that was not in accordance with what was expected. The customer service is there for that and must, normally, reimburse you for what you have paid.

I have already done it with the SNCF, for a trip in the middle of summer where the air conditioning had broken down, with EDF for an excessively high bill or with La Poste, for a reshipping service not respected. On the food side, I no longer hesitate to complain when I find a pizza that is too salty or a pasty sauce.

Too bad if I pass for a nagger, I believe that it is my right as a consumer to demand the best from products!

In the end, I usually get reimbursed between 15 and 30 euros of poor quality products per month, of different types and brands. Always keeping in mind that my complaint must be justified, and not made only with the aim of damaging the brand!

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