How To Wash The Interior Of Your Car Properly? The Tips to Know.

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During the holidays, you don’t take too much time to clean your car.

And we don’t necessarily have what we need on hand.

On the way back, we find sand, traces on the seats or others.

Here are simple and economical tips to refurbish it.

tips for cleaning the interior of the car

1. If salt is encrusted

For example in the joint of your windows or your windshield:

– Take half of an onion and a little lemon juice.

– Rub where the salt is stored and rinse thoroughly.

2. To clean the steering wheel and door handles

They are sources of accumulation of microbes since it is what we touch the most in a car. To clean and disinfect them:

– you need white vinegar

– a cloth that you soak with this miracle product

– disinfect everything with this mixture.

3. If unpleasant odors have accumulated in the car

Or if you have a pet that has accidentally urinated in the car, use baking soda.

– Either it is a precise task, in this case sprinkle it with baking soda. Let the product take effect by adding a little hot water and then rub.

– Either it’s a general smell, in this case, vacuum and clean the seats, carpets, and all that is made of fabrics with hot water and baking soda.

Once the seats are soaked in this mixture, leave to act for a moment then rub everything and vacuum again which will remove the product from the fabric.

4. To deodorize

The smell is gone and now you want your car to smell good, here’s how:

– Choose an essential oil to your taste,

– pour two drops in front of the ventilation.

Essential oils will also disinfect the interior of the car.

5. Bonus tip

Add in your car sachets of aromatic plants, such as lavender or verbena, sachets of spices or dried flowers.

It depends on your preferences, but in any case the smell will be much more natural with these sachets than with trees or scent diffusers.

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