How to Use Less Tires in the Car?

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October 31, 2011

For those who find that their tires wear out much too quickly, there is a simple trick to remedy this: drive slower. Explanations.

In fact it’s as easy as pie: with only 10 km / h less than my usual speed, the wear on my tires is already much reduced.

Concretely as soon as I am on the highway, for example, I drive at 120 km / h instead of 130. It is a good habit that I try to apply for any type of journey. In addition it prevents me from having big problems with automatic speed cameras gentlemen :-).

You see theeco conduct, There is no simpler. It’s just a series of small gestures to follow when driving to simplify your life while making your wallet happy.

Do you also drive slower to save your tires? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Savings made

If I drive at 80 km / h instead of 100 km / h, my tire wear is reduced by 35%! Theeco driving is really very effective and it saves a lot for my wallet. Especially a tire, it costs at least 100 euros depending on the model and it still takes 4 to ride well ;-).

Another interesting aspect: the risks of fines are reduced. So, in addition to keeping your tires, you will keep your points on your license! It’s true, everyone knows it, but it’s still worth repeating, right?

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