How to take a nap at the office to rest quickly and for free.

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A nap is a good way to restart the day at the top. Find out how to take a quiet nap at the office to get a quick rest for free.

A little help? It’s time to go take a nap.

1. When to take a nap?

Generally, we all feel, after the midday meal, a little fatigue. Taking a nap at this point is the best because it cuts the day well in half and you can start again right after. In general, you should take a nap as soon as you feel tired, and this at any time of the day.

2. A nap for how long?

You have the choice between three types of nap: the lightning nap (5mn), a little longer for a relaxing nap (15-20mn) and for the most exhausted the royal siesta (more than 40mn).

For a nap at the office, it is better to choose one of the first two types of nap so as not to be noticed. Finally, whatever the duration, the important thing is to be able to feel relaxed and distressed to regain strength.

3. In what position to take a nap?

Take the case of the “lightning” nap. At the office, it is possible to lie down on the floor or slightly tilted on your chair. Otherwise, the driver’s position remains: seated in your chair, head and torso tilted forward, your hands on your knees and legs slightly apart. The main thing is to be relaxed so that you can start taking a nosedive.

4. Where to take a nap?

Perhaps the safest place to take a nap at your desk is the bathroom: no one will disturb you there and no one will see you. You can also stay at your desk, the main thing is to feel calm and at ease.

5. How often to take a nap?

The more regular the nap, the more effective it will be. You should know that a new sleep cycle begins every 90 minutes, when you start to feel tired. This is when you need to start napping to fall asleep quickly. Your body asks you, that’s why listening to your sleep cycle allows you to rest effectively.

Savings Realized

Napping is a pleasure that we can all afford for free. Quietly at the office, you will not spend a penny to find yourself in peace.

And if you follow your sleep cycle well, no need for small tablets to facilitate the onset of sleep, you will immediately fall tired.

Your office chair is a wonderful mattress at your fingertips, why deprive yourself of it? And if you have a hard time relaxing before your nap, take a little anti-stress massage, guaranteed relaxation.

And you, do you take a nap at the office? Where is your favorite place to do it? Tell me everything in the comments.

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