How to Stop Spending Water?

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Cleaning the car requires a lot of water. Better than the car wash, here is a tip for washing your car at a lower cost by using a free water tank that collects rainwater.

Washing your car is a huge waste of water: around 200 liters. On the other hand, drinking water is not necessary, rain water is more than enough. Why not then save our drinking water and stock up on rainwater?

Get yourself a large barrel, cistern, barrel, vat or any other XXXL container (from 200L to 5000L!). Place it under a gutter or in a corner of your garden. And now ? Sing and wait for the rain!

Personally, I abandoned my water collector not far from my garage, so I avoid going back and forth between my small tank and my dirty car! I have recovered a bucket with handle and all I have to do is help myself! I plunge my bucket into my water reserve and rinse my dear car!

Convinced? I await your other tips for saving money when maintaining your car in the comments!

Savings made

Treat yourself to automatic car washes, car washes or other car cleaning systems, no thanks! Waste drinking water, just for a bodywork, let alone. Collecting rainwater saves drinking water and money. Think about it. You will earn nearly 20 € of water with each wash!

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