How to spend less money on vacation?

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Holidays, I dream of it! But can I really afford it? A friend told me that by subletting your apartment or room you could reduce your vacation budget.

With the beautiful days and my vacation in perspective, I said to myself that I would go to the seaside, enjoy the sun and the waves … It is by taking advantage of my friend’s advice that I was able to leave by the sea for 15 days.

How? ‘Or’ What ? It’s very simple, friends: once the authorization has been signed by your landlord, you sublet your apartment, or simply your room when you are in a shared apartment.

The important thing is to have a written agreement from your landlord, in which case your sublet is not legal. Also know that you remain responsible for any damage caused during your absence since you are the signatory of the lease.

If you live in Paris and even if you are only going for 15 days, you will easily find a buyer: it is so difficult to find an apartment in Paris that people are ready to rent your apartment or your room for 15 days while waiting to find their true home.

Suddenly, I said to myself “the good life for me”! To do this, simply place an ad on the or sites. People can contact you directly by reading your ad, and you’ll be surprised how many people are interested. So, what are you waiting for to allow yourself a tan, beach and all the hoopla?

Savings Realized

Holidays are expensive, especially renting on site. By limiting this expense, you hurt your budget much less, so you no longer have to tighten your belt once you arrive. Subletting your apartment or room allows you to reimburse the duration of your stay. An example: your rent costs you 500 euros per month. If you rent it for 15 days, you get 250 euros, to be used for your vacation rental.

You’re killing two birds with one stone: you’re doing someone who doesn’t know where to sleep a favor and saving you a lot on your vacation budget. Since I use the sublet I can afford to go on vacation much more often, it’s so nice. Have you ever sublet your apartment? Tell me all about it in your comments.

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