How to Save 200 € in 2 Minutes and Have THE BEST Pen in the World.

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How about turning a supermarket pen into a $ 200 pen in seconds?

This proposal is not a joke. Mont Blanc pens are the best in the world, thanks to their incredible ink.

But the brand has been very clever. She offered ink refills that only work on Mont Blanc pens.

Fortunately, today there is a trick to get around this system:

cheap mont blanc pen

How to do

Step 1 :

Go to a Mont Blanc store and ask the salesperson to test a pen. Not bad, isn’t it? The ink is of such quality that you have the impression that the pen is writing on its own.

Now ask for the price. It hurts, eh? Buying a pen worth between $ 200 and $ 2,000 was out of reach for most people … until now.

2nd step :

Buy a Mont Blanc ink refill for € 8 and a G2 Pro Pilot pen for a few euros. Why a G2? Because it is the only one compatible with the Mont Blanc refill.

buy a mont blanc refill and a G2 pilot pen

Step 3:

Open the G2 and remove the ink refill.

open the G2 pen and remove the refill to put the mont blanc refill

Step 4:

Cut the blue plastic cap of the Mont Blanc refill lightly with a knife or scissors. The goal is for the Mont Blanc refill to be exactly the same length as the G2 refill.

slightly cut the blue plastic cap of the Mont Blanc refill

Step 5:

Reassemble the G2 pen with its new Mont Blanc cartridge. If you cannot close it, repeat step 4 by cutting a little more.

reassemble the G2 pen with the mont blanc cartridge

Now write and enjoy magic ink.

For those who say “yes, but it’s not a Mont Blanc”, you are right. But if you think about it, Mont Blanc is the leader for its ink …

… And thanks to this trick, this is what you will use from now on: the best ink in the world.

Bonus tip

If you want to show everyone that you are using Mont Blanc ink, choose a transparent G2 😉

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