How to rent a cheaper car without risk of scam?

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As the holidays approach, we looked for a site for you to rent a cheaper car. No need to go to traditional rental companies who charge very high prices. Instead, go to car rental brokers or car rental comparators.

To my surprise, with car rental brokers we find prices much cheaper than with traditional rental companies. However, brokers only offer to rent from these same rental companies, Hertz, Sixt, Europcar, Avis, etc. You know them as well as I do …

How to rent a cheaper car without risk of scam?

Our Simulation

If the differences are around 10 € per day, the finding is final after having done several simulations. As proof this comparison. We compared a car rental at Biarritz airport from January 4 to 9, 2013.

At Sixt, the cheapest vehicle is a Twingo at 204.91 €.

At EuropCar, the cheapest vehicle is a Fiat 500 at € 234.00.

At Avis, the cheapest vehicle is a Citroën C1 for € 249.00.

At Hertz, the cheapest vehicle is a Chevrolet Spark at € 249.00.

On the other hand, with car rental comparators, you can book at much better prices.

At Cardelmar, you can find a Citroën C1 for 184.38 €. At Opodo there is a C3 at 207, 31 €. At AutoEurope we offer a C3 at € 213.90.

The Reviews, they say What?

Before getting started, it’s worth checking out consumer reviews. I prefer to see what I’m getting into before paying rather than finding myself at my vacation spot without a car or with a bad surprise.

We have read a large number of reviews on general sites like Ciao or on more specialized sites like TrustPilot.

Whether for CardelMar or for others, it was noted that overall the opinions are positive but that a recurring problem is reported by consumers. When arriving there, some customers find themselves having to pay supplements. Unscrupulous local agencies? Supplements not communicated by comparators?

We believe that it is more related to poor communication between the comparator which ensures the reservation and the payment, and the lessor which provides the car.

3 Tips for avoiding any Litigation?

So as not to fall victim to these costly mistakes:

1. Check your Voucher carefully before you leave to make sure these are the conditions you have signed up for.

2. Call the agency where you will collect the vehicle to confirm that the car will be available.

3. Email them the Voucher in pdf so they can validate it and email you back that it’s ok for them. Take it with you to show them in case of a dispute when arriving on site.

Have a nice trip! And tell me how your rental went in the comments (as well as your stay).

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