How to properly maintain your car yourself? Our smart advice.

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To take your car far, you need to maintain it regularly: here are some practical tips to make it go around the odometer several times.

Monitor your car on a monthly basis seems a good starting point for a meaningful interview and giving her every chance to stay with you as long as possible.

So every month, test the your tire pressure at a service station: under-inflated tires will consume far too much and over-inflated is worse: you risk bursting or having an accident.

Look at the oil : it is essential for engine wear. But on condition that you check your cold level. If you do it while hot, the oil will have already passed through the whole engine and the indication will not be valid.

To properly maintain your vehicle, also have the carburetor adjustment for wear and gasoline consumption.

Also think about doing see the exhausts if the smoke coming out is too heavy. If it is too blue it is not good either: you have too much oil circulating. Very gray or white smoke: too much water in the pipes is not good.

Finally don’t forget things like the cooling system, the brakes, the belts and the oil of the gearbox.

Savings Realized

You’ve figured out how to properly maintain your car yourself … without spending too much, by carefully reading his smart tips.

Many operations such as raising the oil level or monitoring the tire pressure are totally free !

By regularly monitoring the maintenance of your vehicle and driving safely, you will reduce the risk of breaking down on a bright sunny day on the highway while you are off for the weekend.

And you will put all the chances on your side to be able to prolong the life of your car: during this time it will be as much savings on your gasoline consumption and on the purchase of a new vehicle.

That is to say a lot of money, when you see the prices of the cars …

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