How to properly buy a used car?

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June 30, 2011

To properly buy a used car, consider the negotiation that is integral to the purchase.

Buying a second-hand car is to have informed yourself well beforehand.

How? ‘Or’ What ?

1. Go to specialized websites in the automotive advertisements type the central.

2. If you know a mechanic or if you have a friend who has notions of mechanics, ask him to come to you help to detect any problems.

So you can buy your car with confidence.

Savings made

Always keep in mind that the seller confers a sentimental value to his car and that every detail at a price that can affordsave.

Negotiate discounts for minor imperfections (body type). Each wear item can make lower from a few tens or even hundreds of euros the base price.

And don’t forget to discuss fuel consumption, an oil-hungry car is a car that it’s expensive in everyday life. Unless you drive economically: practice eco-driving for a considerable reduction in your fuel budget.

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