How to prepare your own first aid kit so that it is more economical?

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When traveling, no need to break the bank by buying a first aid kit at a pharmacy: you might as well prepare it yourself, it’s more economical.

The holidays always bring their share of sores and infections, especially with children around.

This is why it is better to plan ahead and carry a first aid kit that you will prepare yourself rather than buying it ready-made for more savings.

QWhat to put in your First Aid Kit?

Pharmacy case

Of course, in the event of a serious accident, a first aid kit will never replace the hospital, but there are a few essentials that can heal minor injuries:

– an antiseptic spray : to prevent a small sore from becoming a big problem, the antiseptic spray is an essential ally. They can be found in all good pharmacies for less than 3 €.

– a box of dressings: I have a big weakness for dressings with healing gel because it replenishes the skin and it really soothes the pain, especially on a light bulb. You can find them for a little less than 6 € on Amazon.

biafine, for burns and sunburns. I never hesitate to apply it abundantly on painful places, it does me a lot of good. In pharmacies, biafine costs 5-6 €.

– sterile compresses: they allow the antiseptic to be applied in the most difficult to access places and, attached to a bandage, they treat abrasions or deep wounds more effectively than a simple plaster.

A compress in pharmacies costs around thirty cents, but you can also buy a box of ten for 2 or 3 €.

– a small pair of scissors: to cut the compresses and the bandage and to take yourself for a real surgeon, scissors are essential and do not cost more than € 5 in pharmacies.

Savings Realized

Let’s do a quick math:

– the antiseptic spray costs 3 €

– the box of dressings in the 6 €

– biafine € 6.

– the box of 10 sterile compresses around € 3

– the pair of scissors 5 €

So: 3 + 6 + 6 + 3 + 5 = 23 €.

The last time I went to the pharmacy section of my supermarket, a first aid kit cost 45 €. So I have saved 22 € by independently purchasing each item from my pharmacy.

And there you have it, now that your first aid kit is ready, you can leave in peace. But perhaps you have other tips for us to complete your first aid kit or save even more? The comments are here.

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