How To Make Money During The Holidays By Renting Your Apartment?

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Do you want to go on vacation but do not have an unlimited budget? Find out how to make money when you’re away from home with Airbnb, a peer-to-peer rental site.

Rental of accommodation between individuals

Airbnb (pronounced “Air Bi N Bi”) is an American site specializing in lrental of housing between individuals worldwide. From the Hollywood house on the heights of Los Angeles to the cabin in the depths of Calvados, there is something for all tastes and all budgets!

But, for us, this is a very good way to earn money when you are not at home. Indeed, the idea is to rent your apartment or his house for a weekend, a week or more in order to earn money easily and quickly, and thus be able to pay for his holidays!

A site that takes care of everything

All you have to do is give your keys or a double and you’re done. The site takes care of everything for remuneration and speed is there: 24 hours after the arrival of your guests, the amount provided is transferred directly to your account.

No more unpleasant surprises! You benefit with this site from full confidence and reliability.

It’s completely free to post your ad, so millions of members are listed across the world.

An Easy To Use Site

The site is very easy to use and pleasant with the many photos. It’s ideal to navigate, especially since the vast majority of users leave comments after their travels.

So, if you too are tempted by the idea of ​​discovering fabulous places around the world for very interesting prices, the site offers accommodations that are really out of the ordinary : a cabin nestled in a tree in the middle of the South African forest for less than 100 dollars a night, a boat revisited in Los Angeles for only 55 dollars, or even a yurt in the depths of Sweden for 80 dollars.

It is therefore an interesting alternative to home exchange sites, as you have the choice of only offering your accommodation for rent, discovering exceptional places, or both!

Are you ready to rent your apartment or house on Airbnb to make money on the next vacation? Tell us in the comments.

Savings Realized

The Airbnb site is a good way to make money easily and quickly by renting your accommodation when you are not at home. It may be one or more nights, the process is extremely simple to establish.

Plus, registration is free, so why not take advantage of it?

For example, a one-bedroom apartment in Paris with an area of ​​between 20 and 40 square meters can be rented between 80 and 120 € per night, and between 60 and 100 € for the same in a city like Lyon.

It is thus possible to earn a lot of money thanks to this very easy to use site. Your vacation will be paid naturally!

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