How To Learn Guitar Alone For Free. My Pro Tips.

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Do you want to learn the guitar? But taking private lessons is expensive. Enrolling in a school is binding, and it’s expensive too. But you can learn very well on your own, and for free. Here are some tips for getting the basics right.

What you need

Already, to learn the guitar, you need a guitar, logical. You can borrow one from someone you know, or pick up a used one on the cheap.

For those who are really motivated, you can buy one. However, avoid Milonga, they are overpriced and there is very little to choose from. Prefer stores like Woodbrass.

If you are left-handed, be careful, left-handed guitars are a bit more expensive and there is less choice.

You also need a good dose of motivation. No miracle! I think anyone can learn guitar if they are really motivated. If it’s just the fad of the week, it won’t work.

Start by Learning

First of all, you have to learn the basic chords. Most pop, rock, variety, song, folk songs are built with these chords. Learn by heart their names and the positioning of the fingers that correspond. Especially learn English names (on the internet, you will only see these).

C = do, D = D, Dm = D minor, E = E, Em = E minor, G = G, A = A, Am = A minor.

These agreements are not hard to execute. You will find how to achieve them here. Learn them by heart, then place your fingers correctly on the handle. Try to make them sound by strumming the strings with the other hand.

You Play Guitar!

I know, “it hurts your fingers”, “it doesn’t work”, “it’s rotten!”. It’s normal. Practice by carefully placing your fingers. Once you know how to make the chords, try stringing them together. Do them in any order, and faster and faster. You are integrating the transitions.

Now learn a rhythm to do with the right hand (for right-handed people). On Youtube, dozens of videos are available for this. Take a 4-beat rhythm, it’s easier. Learn it by heart, and do it until the gesture is smooth.

Practice stringing chords all over the place at your own pace. Is it starting to ring? Well done ! For example, you are able to play Knockin ‘on heaven’s door (L, D, Am).

The Barré

The Fa (F) is also an extremely used chord. You will take time to integrate it. The principle is to cross all the strings with your index finger. It hurts a bit I know, but insist. By force, you will get there.

Little trick, you can put a capo on the second or third fret. The barre will be easier to pass, the strings will be less hard.

You can incorporate the Fa into your chords, and try to chain it with others.

Play regularly

To progress, all you need to do is gain ease (which you acquire by playing a lot) and learning songs. You will find something to work on on abctabs, ultimate guitar, or the songbox.

Now you can also try singing at the same time, or blackmailing someone while you are playing.

Final tips

Trust your ears more than a web page. If you feel like it’s not going, it’s not going. Don’t hesitate to test, experiment with things. The goal is to train the ear, so it is the ear that has to work the most.

Don’t try to mimic Van Halen or Hendrix until you’ve mastered all of these basics. Solos can only be performed after rigorous learning of chords and rhythms.

Take your time. To learn all this, you don’t necessarily need a teacher.

It’s okay ? Do not hesitate to ask me questions in the comments, I will be happy to answer them :).

Person who plays the guitar: How To Learn Guitar Alone For Free. My Pro Tips.

Savings Realized

At a rate of approximately 25 € per hour for a particular course per week, if the months accumulate, that is a lot!

With these little techniques, you save maybe 3 months of lessons on average. This represents 300 € of economy. Not bad is not it ? All it takes is a little motivation and persistence.

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