How to hitchhike to travel cheaper.

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To travel inexpensively and meet a bunch of super cool people along the way, there’s nothing better than hitchhiking. But beware, there are a few tips to know. Here are my top three tips for the perfect road trip.

Club Med is very cute, it’s friendly, there are nice GOs, unlimited buffets, but if you’ve been following us for a while, you should know that there are much more fun, rewarding ways and economical to travel: carpooling, wwoofing, last minute tickets for example. But the strongest of all, for the intrepid little ones, it’s still hitchhiking. Some tips from a specialist to make the most of it.

Take the small roads

If for you the speed of the trip is less important than the discovery of the landscapes, take the national rather than the highways. You will meet a bunch of motorists in no hurry, from the grandpa who returns from fishing to the mother of a family who takes her children to school.

Don’t worry, even taking the back roads the journey is still much shorter than you might think. For example, last month I hitchhiked to Brest (from Paris) only taking the nationals (there is no motorway in Brittany anyway). I only took six hours! Who says better?

Cardboard is useless

People who have never hitchhiked think that it is necessary to have a card indicating our direction. Especially not!

Seeing the box, motorists say to themselves “no need to stop, we don’t have the same direction”. While they might very well bring you a little closer.

And weirdly they stop more easily if you just have a thumbs up, they think your trip will be short. What do you want, it’s psychological, hitchhiking.

Think about gas stations

Gas stations are the best tip for those who are tired of standing by the side of the road. They allow you to meet motorists already stopped and explain your route to them. This way they will see that you are not a criminal!

I have tried this trick several times in Europe and America, and each time the reaction is the same: people talk to you, they want to know your story and quite often they even buy you a coffee or a meal!

There you go, the follow-up to the next issue of my hitchhiking series, to be published soon!

Do you know any other smart tips for hitchhiking? We look forward to your comments!

Savings Realized

Hitchhiking is by far the most economical solution since COMPLETELY free. Believe my experience, in ten years of hitchhiking, no one has ever asked me for a cent, whatever the distance!

So, between the rising price of gasoline and increasingly expensive train tickets, the solution is self-evident. For my part, the hitchhiking allowed me to travel for several months without fail, lost in the hostile regions of South America and penniless.

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