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Are you looking for cheap train tickets?

A very nice tip for buying your cheap train tickets is to have the reflex

With KelBillet, you directly buy your tickets to travelers who need to resell them. Of course you can too resell or trade your own train tickets for free.

The ticket prices are very attractive as the ads are posted by members who have had to cancel their trips.

A tip for paying for cheap train tickets

How to do

The operation is very simple, just enter your city of departure and arrival, as well as the desired dates and times and voila!

You can take advantage of far more advantageous prices than those charged by the SNCF, especially if you go about it. at the last moment.

I often use this service and, while on the SNCF website, I see that the train I want is full, I discover on KelBillet that there is still a place for me at a much lower price!

Savings made

Before you buy your train ticket at the normal price, don’t forget to take a look at KelBillet to save money.

Indeed, people generally resell their ticket at the price at which they had previously purchased it. You therefore benefit from a price often reserved for an order placed several days or weeks ago.

Last interesting tip, as I said before, you can also use KelBillet to find a seat on a full train. And these are great savings since you avoid paying the high price!

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