How to find a cheap hotel? Simple tips to follow.

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Do you want to find a cheap and comfortable hotel? By following our 3 simple tips you should succeed in finding the rare pearl. We start without waiting.

Trick smart n ° 1: Going on vacation out of season

Hotel networks double the price of rooms during major holiday periods. They know very well that the demand will be high, so they are taking advantage of it!

On the other hand, prices are lowered during months when attendance is less strong. This is when you have to book to get a cheap hotel. In addition, it is a good idea not to leave at the same time as everyone else, because we have a much quieter holiday!

Smart tip 2: prefer small chains to large hotels

It is not just the little “bouibouis” that are not expensive! Some hotels that are far from shabby offer the same services than the big competing chains, but they are cheaper. Sometimes it is not because of the quality of the services, but rather because they are less known or they are in foreign countries, where the cost of living is lower, such as Morocco or Tunisia for example.

The good tip to follow is to look at the small booklets of the hotel brands and compare. You can also go and read customer reviews on the Internet, which is very useful to get an idea of ​​the quality / price ratio, when you don’t know anything about it.

Smart tip n ° 3: Sleep in the periphery

Hotels that are located in the city center or right next to tourist attractions are more expensive. And yes, even the practical side is charged! For example, I was in La Rochelle in March and the price of a room in the city center was double that of a room in the same hotel chain, but outside the city!

Better sleep 10-15 km away large cities. Of course, you will have to get up earlier to visit or do activities on site, but at least you get the same bed for less and that is an advantage over other tourists!

Savings Realized

The secret to finding a good hotel, you understand it, is to pay attention to the periods you choose, but it is also LOOK FOR. I agree that digging is not a piece of fun, but as much wasting a little time and energy, rather than its pennies in a room whose price will be multiplied by 2 or by 3, you don’t think- not?

If you make an effort to research and at the same time respect the little rules of cask that we suggest to you, you will be rewarded by avoiding ending up in a room to 100-200 € per night … Which makes a serious hole in the vacation budget, especially when you plan to travel on the cheap!

And you, what are your tips for finding a cheap hotel? Clever comments to go on vacation, we want more!

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