How to escape from a sinking car

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No one wants to be stuck in a sinking car …

But if it ever does happen to you, you’ll be glad to know what to do to escape.

Yes, let’s not forget that an informed man is worth two!

First, think about bringing a security key ring like this one to cut the belt and break the window easily.

Then follow this guide which explains to you how to get you and your family out of the car safely. Look :

Guide to quickly escape from a sinking car

How to do

1. Stay calm. On average, you will have between 30 and 120 seconds during which the car will float before sinking. That’s more than enough to get you out of your way if you act quickly.

2. Do not open the door. It is very difficult to escape this way even if there is only 30 cm of water. More seriously, the car then risks sinking almost immediately, making it impossible for the passengers to escape.

3. Remember those four words: “Belts. Children. Windows. Get out.” First, unhook your seat belt. If the belt is stuck, cut it with this special tool shaped like a key ring.

4. Then make sure that the children and passengers have successfully removed their seat belts. Help them if they don’t and guide them out of their window or, failing that, carry them to the front of the car.

5. Escape through the window. First try to roll down the window. If that doesn’t work, use a glass breaker like this to break it safely. Know that it is almost impossible to break it using only your arms or legs.

6. Get out of the window and swim to a safe area. All of this can be done in under 30 seconds if you keep calm and have rehearsed the scenario in your head a few times before it happened.

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