How To Easily Transport Condiments.

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August 20, 2014

A picnic without taking pepper, ketchup and mayo …

… it’s not quite a picnic!

So why deprive yourself of taking everything?

Here is a tip to easily transport all your condiments.

How? ‘Or’ What ? By transforming a miniature holder into a condiment holder.

use a miniature holder to store condiments

All you need to do is transform a miniature holder (you know a rigid cardboard box that contains 6 mini bottles of wine, rum or other spirits) into a condiment holder.

Store your salt, pepper, sauces and oils inside. And thanks to the handle, take everything with you!

By grouping condiments in one place, this tip can even be useful in your home. No more “mom, you forgot the salt” and “daddy bring me the pepper”, everything is on the table!

And for barbecue evenings that turn into a thunderstorm, it allows everything to get into the house faster.

One last little tip: if you have larger sauces, salt and pepper shakers, you can do the same with a pack of 6 beers.

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