How To Easily Start Your Car If You Have A Breakdown.

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A dead battery can happen to anyone!

Just leave the car headlights on or forget to turn off the interior lights.

The risks increase when you rent a car on vacation because you are not used to its operation.

In any case, you can no longer move because the car has broken down. But no need to break the bank by calling a tow truck!

Indeed, there is a simple trick to start a car with a dead battery.

All you need are jumper cables like these and then follow these steps. Look :

Tip for starting a car with a dead battery

How to do

Find a car with a full battery and turn off the engines of both cars.

1. Connect the red clamp to the + dead battery.

2. Connect the other red clamp to the + full battery.

3. Connect the black clamp to the full battery.

4. Connect the other black clamp to the body as below:

Connect black clamp to the body and not to the battery

5. Start the car with the full battery.

6. Start the car with the dead battery.

7. Disconnect the cables in this order 4, 3, 2, 1.


And there you have it, your car has run out of battery 🙂

Easy, isn’t it? No more hassle, you will be able to leave peacefully! Plus, you’ve saved the tow truck.

Remember to let the car run for 2/3 minutes to recharge the discharged battery as much as possible.

Why don’t you hang the black clip on the – of the dead battery? Because there is a (very low) risk of making a small spark.

Where can I find jumper cables?

Don’t have jumper cables in your car? It’s always handy to have some just in case, in the trunk.

We recommend these inexpensive cables that are well rated:

Cheap starter clamps for dead battery

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